Refund Policy
Domain Names
At the time of purchase your domain name you have chosen will automatically be paid for by us. These costs are to register and to pay ICANN fees. Once payment is completed, the transaction is completed and you will be able to manage your domain name from our control panel anytime you like. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS for domain names. Please make sure you are using correct spelling and that the domain name is exactly what you want before proceeding with payment. Domain name add-ons (private registration, premium DNS, etc...) will never be granted refunds.
Website Hosting
When you purchase website hosting from us your account is automatically set up and ready for you immediately after payment is confirmed, which is an automated process and takes less than 1 minute to send out emails with cPanel information. If you wish to cancel and receive a refund of your hosting, WE WILL do so based on a simple procedure called proration. We will take your payment divided by the amount of days you have left on your account and you will receive what has not been used yet. Any website hosting add-ons (SSL Certificates, Premium DNS, etc...) will never be granted refunds.For example: Web hosting costs $10 per month. If you cancel, lets say, the 14th of the month and that month has 30 days in it, you will be credited for the 16 days left in that month, so the math would look something like this: $10 30 days = $0.33 per day x 16 days = $5.28 to be refunded. You can submit a cancellation request via the control panel on our website after you log in.
Logo Design & Graphics Design
Due to the nature of graphics there are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS as we put a lot of time and effort into them and must be compensated for these efforts, however we do offer revisions so that we can get as close to your idea as possible. Please take a look at out work before contracting us to do any logos or graphics.
Website/App Design & Development
Since there is a lot of time involved in website design and the development process, we offer NO REFUNDS and strictly adhere to it as well, however we have made a plan to better help our clients decide to let us do the work for them and help us put our mind at ease as well. When you contract us to do work in this category, you will need to pay 50% of the entire quote upfront. Once we hit the halfway mark, you will need to pay 50% of the remaining balance (25% of the quote) and once the project is completed you will need to pay the remaining balance and sign off on the project. Again, there are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS in this category of work, but during the project if you feel you are not getting your money's worth you can stop the project and not pay the remaining balance of the project. We WILL release any/all of the source code to you so that you may switch to another development company if it were to come to that.
All in all we know that you will be happy with our performance here at UI Design Cafe and are confident that it will never have to come to this at all. All the years of business we have operated without ever receiving a request to refund a client of ours.
If you have any questions or concerns, email us at

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